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"All that I experienced afterwards had already been in Roustchouk". Elias Canetti
Зала "Червен"

Изложба „Сенки в скалите. Минерали и биоразнообразие“
Съвместна изложба на Регионалeн исторически музей – Русе и Каолин АД

Изложбата „Сенки в скалите - минерали и биоразнообразие“ е посветена на Европейския ден на минералите. Изложбата представя историята на образуването на планетата, формиращите я скали, минерали, фосили. Акцентът е върху скалите като местообитание на растения, животни, хора.
Показани са 85 броя предмети – скални образци, минерали и фосили, както и изходни суровини от каолинодобива. Изложен е макет на каолинова кариера.

Hall „Medieval town of Cherven“

The exhibition „Shadows in the Rocks. Minerals and Biodiversity“ was opened on May 12, 2011 in the Rousse Regional Museum of History. The exposition is jointly organized by the Museum and „Kaolin“ AD. It is dedicated to the European Minerals Day 2011, held across Europe in 2011, within 13-15 May.
The exhibition exposed twelve different themes, the origin of the Earth to industry and ecology, focusing on mineral wealth and the types of rocks associated with the lives of all living things in many different ways - the origin of rocks, the habitats of plants and animals, use of materials in everyday life and different industries.
„Shadows in the Rocks“ shows 133 objects - rock samples, minerals and fossils, and feedstock of kaolin mining. A model of kaolin quarry has been exposed.
The exhibition was opened by Nikolay Nenov, director of the Museum and Alexander Prokopiev, CEO of „Kaolin“. Maya Kubratova, a curator in the Rousse Regional Museum of History is the author of the exposition.
The exhibition „Shadows in the Rocks. Minerals and Biodiversity“ will remain open for visits by September 2011, tending to become itinerant.