Rousse Regional Museum of History
"All that I experienced afterwards had already been in Roustchouk". Elias Canetti
“Sexaginta Prista” and “Yatrus” Halls

Exhibition “Sexaginta Prista and Yatrus”

The “Sexaginta Prista and Yatrus” permanent exhibition is on display in two halls, which are bearing the names of two of the Roman forts in the present-day Rousse region..
The first hall covers thematically the period of the Thracian and the Early Roman era. The finds presented are unique for the Bulgarian lands, which are reflecting the faith in the afterlife of the ancient Thracians, their everyday life and their armament. Impressive are the golden adornments from the mounds at Koprivets and Isperih, the collective find of helmets from Yudelnik, the finds from the pit sanctuary in Rousse. The Roman period is presented through examples of the small bronze plastics, votive plates, items of the everyday life.

The second hall covers the time of the Late Antiquity and the First Bulgarian Kingdom. The exhibits uncover pagan cults and the life of early Christians. A Late Roman cavalry helmet is displayed, the only one preserved in our country, the golden treasure from Malak Preslavets, unique armament equipment of a Bulgar warrior from Krasen and the earliest Cyrillic inscription preserved in the world.