Rousse Regional Museum of History
"All that I experienced afterwards had already been in Roustchouk". Elias Canetti
“Prehistory” Hall

The exhibition “Mammoth-hunters and farmers”

The exhibition “Mammoth-hunters and farmers” tells about the life of the prehistoric man during the Paleolithic, Neolithic and the Chalcolithic Ages.
The past of the prehistoric hunters is displayed through items of the prehistoric and the paleontological collections of the museum: flint tools, fossilized bones of prehistoric mammals – mammoths, mastodons, a cave bear.

The material culture of the higher developed societies of the prehistoric farmers of the Neolithic and the Chalcolithic Age is presented through items of the everyday life, idols, adornments and amulets. The exponents are from the studied sites in the region and are evidence for the economic, social and religious practices of the ancient farmers in the prehistoric times.