Rousse Regional Museum of History
"All that I experienced afterwards had already been in Roustchouk". Elias Canetti



History of Bulgaria 15th-19th century::

Modern and Contemporary History::


“Modern and Contemporary History” Department
Modern History Section

It keeps around 15 000 pieces of cultural valuables from the end of the 19th to the middle of the 20th century. The rich object, photographic and documentary material expresses the public-political, economic and cultural life in the town and the region in the period. A stress in the collecting activities during the last decade is placed on materials for notable people from Rousse and families.

The following collections are of special interest:

Coins and banknotes from the Third Bulgarian Kingdom

Curator: Mariana Dimitrova


Contemporary History Section

It is part of the Modern and Contemporary History Department, established in 1965. The long years of collecting activity of the museum curators covers the political, economic, cultural and everyday life of Rousse in the period of socialism and post-socialism. The newest tendency in the collecting work of the section is the recording of oral narratives from the period of socialism and democracy, using the "Oral History" method for their storing and examination. The overall fund collection of the section contains approximately 10 000 inventory pieces and contains the following collections:
- badges, awards and medals
- signs of the socialist landscape
- techniques from the period of socialism – radios, televisions, typewriters, dia-projectors, etc.
- belongings of notable people from Rousse, like Konstantin Dimchev (actor), Stefan Vachev (director of the Youth Symphonic Orchestra), etc.
- materials, related to the history of the Bulgarian River Shipping Company – uniforms, documents, photos
- documents and pictures, representing the history of the Youth Brigade Movement
- images, related to the development of industry and agriculture in Rousse and the region
- printed materials and images from the First International Music Festival “March Music Days” in Rousse
- images, related to the ecological protests in Rousse, which provoked the motion for democratic changes in Bulgaria
- election materials from the period of democracy
- documents, belongings and video recordings, related to the history of the repressed by the Communist regime and of the Goryansko Movement.
The section has no permanent exhibition, but presents different temporary exhibitions: “The Political Poster”, “125 Years of Maritime Fleet”, together with the Modern History Section and the Maritime Museum in Varna, etc.
The research activity of the specialists covers issues of the political, cultural and public life of Rousse and the region, as well as an ethnological research on the problems of the everyday culture of the industrial town.

Curators: Vladislav Atanasov and Iskren Velikov