Rousse Regional Museum of History
"All that I experienced afterwards had already been in Roustchouk". Elias Canetti
Dimitar Georgiev Chernakov

Born: Rousse, April 13th, 1977.
Curator at the “Archaeology” Department of the Rousse Regional Museum of History

Education and professional qualification:

2003 Contributor and member of the team of the “Pristan” magazine, “Epochs” column
2002 Curator at the “Archaeology” Department of the Rousse Regional Museum of History
2001 Teacher in History at the “Mayor Atanas Uzunov” Sports School, Rousse
Assistant of the “One Week in Rousse” magazine, author for the “Past” column
2001 “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo, Master’s Degree Specialization in Ancient History and Archaeology
2000 “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo, History
1996 “Hristo Botev” Secondary School, Rousse, humanitarian profile with English language

Activity in non-profit organizations:

2005 Union of the Scientists in Bulgaria, Rousse branch, History section. Member.

Participation in archaeological excavations:

2012 Bazovets tell, Dve mogili Municipality, District of Rousse, scientific director
2010 Kosharna tell and necropolis, District of Rousse, scientific director
2009 Kosharna tell and necropolis, District of Rousse, scientific director
2008 Kosharna tell and necropolis, District of Rousse, scientific director
2007 Kosharna tell and necropolis, District of Rousse, scientific director
2005 Rescue archaeological excavations of the Roman fort of Sexaginta Prista (member of the research team)
2005 Participation in the archaeological excavations in the “Vodna” cave at the village of Tabachka, Ivanovo Municipality

International activities: 

2003 - 2006 Participation in Bulgarian-Greek archaeological excavations at the Yunatsite tell, Municipality of Pazardzhik.
2005  - International symposium “Culture and Civilization along the Danube”, Calarasi, Romania – scientific report “Archaeological excavations at the “Vodna” cave” near the village of Tabachka, Ivanovo Municipality
2007 - “PONTICAXL” International scientific conference, Constanta, Romania – scientific report “Chalcolithic Ceramic Plates from Bulgaria”
2008 – Participation in the Bulgarian-Romanian archaeological project “Venus on the Lower Danube”, coordinator for the Bulgarian side.
Participation in the international conference on Prehistory, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, with a report: “Ritual Pit from the Kosharna tell”
2010 – Participation in the international conference on Prehistory in Alexandria, Romania, with a report: “Newly-found Chalcolithic Necropolis near the village of Kosharna”


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Scientific publications:
A number of scientific reports and articles, among which:
Gaydarska, D., M. Gurova, D. Chernakov, E. Blake and J. Chapman. 2012. “A place to live, a place to bury and a place to hoard. Understanding deposition on and off the Bulgarian tell of Kosharna”. In: Archaeologia Bulgarica, book 2/2012, pp. 27 – 58.
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Chernakov, D. 2006. “Култови масички от неолитното селище при с. Копривец, община Бяла” [Cult Tables from the Neolithic Settlement at the village of Koprivets, Byala Municipality]. In Известия на Регионален исторически музей – Велико Търново [Proceedings of the Veliko Tarnovo Regional Museum of History], volume XXI, pp. 15 – 26.